Basic Excel Tips and Tricks

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Excel Tips 1 & 2

In these videos, I will be teaching excel tips, how to use the Quick Analysis Tool (Tip 1) and Populating Missing Column Values (Tip 2).   The quick analysis tool allows an analyst to perform some of the tasks very easily.   It has custom made examples that are very handy. On the other hand, Populating Missing Column values is a rare example that someone can utilize to quickly populate a column by copying the first row of a particular segment into the other rows that excel assumes the value as the first one.   Find out and see how it works.

Excel Tip 1 - Quick Analysis Tool

Excel Tip 2 - Populating Missing Column Values

Excel Tips 3 & 4

In these videos, I will be teaching how to concatenate multiple column cells (Tip 3) and Adjusting Rows and Columns (Tip 4) in excel. In my 27 years of using excel, I have learned throughout the years that the use of concatenation is very useful especially in the financial industry where concatenating marketing codes are important to assign offers to a particular group or segment in a given population, among other things. Most importantly, adjusting rows and columns are also important in order for the analyst to view the the values in the data properly.   

Excel Tip 3 - Concatenating Multiple Column Cells

Excel Tip 4 - Adjusting Rows and Columns

Excel Tips 5 & 6

Highlighting a Table (Tip 5) is fairly easy and in these videos, I will be showing you multiple ways on how to do it.  I recommend that once you’ve seen the video, chose one and stick to that approach.   However, there may be some other occasions where you’ll use the other methods depending on the structure and length of the data.   Inserting Rows and Columns (Tip 6) is a must have method that one will always apply in the course of the use of excel and it is used most of the time.  In the short video below, there are different approaches to insert rows or columns as well.   Check it out and see if these videos are helpful to you.

Excel Tip 5 - Three ways to Highlight a Table

Excel Tip 6 - Inserting Rows and Columns

Excel Tips 7 & 8

In these videos, I will be demonstrating how to use the F4 key (Tip 7) on locking a particular cell which is then used as a point of reference when calculation is to done in the spreadsheet.  Also, merging cells and columns (Tip 8) within the spreadsheet are also useful that an analyst should learn in the course of using excel.

Excel Tip 7 - Applying Absolute Reference (F4)

Excel Tip 8 - Merging Row and Column Cells

Excel Tips 9 & 10

In these videos, I will be sharing how the tips on how to remove gridlines in the spreadsheet (Tip 9) and also a drill down of some of the features of Quick Analysis tool (Tip 10), which was discussed in Tip 1.   Removing gridlines is just optional to the analyst.  Removing it sometimes make the spreadsheet aesthetically better.   On the other hand, understanding the other features of Quick analysis tool takes analysts to perform a lot better and more efficiently.

Excel Tip 9 - Two Ways to Remove Gridlines

Excel Tip 10 - Quick Analysis Table Features

Excel Books

My Recommendation: Below are some excellent sources of excel books sold in Amazon, which you may be able to use to speed up your learning this analytical tool.  It’s always nice to have a source of reference enhance your knowledge on this tool.

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